Vaccine Requirements

Required Vaccines to Board and/or Train

At Beech River Chesapeake’s and Kennels, we take the health and safety of the dogs under our care very seriously. We understand that your dog is a member of your family, and we want to minimize exposure to any health hazards while they are with us. We require all dogs and puppies that board or train with us to be up-to-date on their shots from a licensed veterinarian. Records with proof of the vaccines below must be received by our staff before you arrive at our boarding facility.

Vaccinating dogs helps them avoid contracting diseases that could potentially be fatal if left untreated. Vaccines also help strengthen their immune system so they can fight off any infections they might come in contact with while they are away from home. Making sure your dog has protection against harmful viruses is a great way to keep them healthy while they’re around other dogs.

Dogs can be exposed to a variety of diseases when they are out and about. A simple walk in the park can lead to exposure from other dogs or from the ground itself. This can result in serious illness, especially if they have not had all of their vaccinations. Please review the list below for the vaccines we require, and click the links to learn more about the diseases that dogs are at risk of getting and/or spreading without the protection of vaccines.