Dog Training Programs

Hunting Dog training

We offer special hunting training programs for owners who want to get their retrievers into shape for hunting season or just want a little extra practice with their pup before heading out into the woods. A well-trained hunting dog can mean the difference between a successful hunting trip or not, and we want to help your dog perform their best. Training your retriever for AKC or HRC tests is another service we provide. Once your dog has mastered all the skills and abilities in these programs, they’ll be ready for anything out in the field.

Dog Obedience Training

Our obedience training programs will help your puppy or dog learn the skills needed to interact comfortably and respectfully with other humans and animals. Dog obedience training is an essential part of raising a happy, healthy pup and is a great way to build a stronger bond with your dog. These programs use positive reinforcement techniques to make it clear what good behavior is and that it will be rewarded if it continues. See our FAQ page for more about our training methods.